Our Lifestyle:
Automotive Street Wear

Copacetic was brought to light by the love and passion towards street art, cars, and fashion. "Copacetic," what's that about? As we're asked all the time. Copacetic means- "in excellent order; very good; superior; great; flawless. This is how we approach life through the good and the bad. 


As automotive enthusiasts, we look for unique taste and perfection in cars that include all makes and models. As artist, we look above and beyond normal to acknowledge our happiness. As for fashion, we like what we like. So just keep it simple, we're Copacetic


Copacetic lifestyle will offer premium goods, quality, and always look forward towards what's next. Our motto "Keep it Copacetic" is just what it says. Positive lifestyle, push the limit, motivate and always strive for greatness.  Follow us on our journey as we continue to grow every day. In the near future we'll be the Reigning Champs. 

Marty Knows

This guy"Marty Mcfly" changes car colors faster than SuperMan can change in a phone both. Also he's very picky about everything. One thing for sure, he always has your back. A West Coast homie with a New York state of mind. IG: @Martyknows



Everyone knows that one person who can blend in no matter who they are around anywhere and everywhere, "Money" that guy. Coolest and most humble guy you would every meet. Came from Top of the Roc and made his way to the Dirty south. IG: @datmoneykat


We are going to call him Mr. Lateness. Coolest dude in the world who's good with numbers. He will never let you down and aways there to help. Brooklyn native with hustler mindset. IG: @n54_ant